Let the world know “Hijab is loved not forced”

Hijab is not the sign of being orthodox but is a sign of chastity.

  1. Olufunke Olise

    I love wearing my hijab! I am not an object to ogle but a woman of respect and my hijab secures that image…Allah (SWA) was sure about the outcome when he required women to cover and the outcome is as good today as ever!AlhumdulliAllah

  2. Aya

    Hijab is what protects me from emotional harm and ensures all aspects of respect towards me.
    I love Hijab

  3. batool PermaLink
  4. farwah

    yes off course i do…

  5. Anisah Ali

    i looooooove my hijab, it’s my beauty, my pride…My life!! it has brought be closer to Allah and undertand my religion more clearly ! i love it so do my friends x


    i always use hijab 2 cover my aurah…it is not only bcuz ALLAH said so…..
    but, bcuz it will protect my brain’s cell from the uv ray that will affected it….

  7. dewi

    Hijab protects me from harm..
    Saving my life and giving me spirit for being a good moslem.
    I Love hijab!!!

  8. aisyah

    i am hijabi i wear it bez i know it compulsory as a form of obedience for our god. Hijab is not prevent us to do something hijab is a symbol of freedom in muslim. Hijab does not restrain us, even made us feel peaceful. And why some people said that the hijab violated a party for human rights. Who said like that??? I emphasize i’m a Hijabi

  9. Anam Zehra

    I think we shuld all protect hijab and also encourage others, so that we can protect ourselves from the evil eye and also show the unity of Islam

  10. moona

    i love hijab ! my choice , my faith , my right path!

  11. Rampanahi

    Obviously the clothing of every nation is a symbol and ensign of its thought and ideology. When Muslims dress code is discussed, Islamic religion as a worldwide and comprehensive ideology that has detailed instructions and guiding rules for every small or hidden aspect of life should be taken into consideration. These rules and instructions are not restricted to some rituals and certain behavior but deal with further dimensions of the individual and social life of a human being. In fact, it contains profound and thorough related teachings.

    Islam regards man as the noblest of all beings not physically but due to the divine soul entwined in his body. This soul can be the manifestation of Divine attributes occupying the body and directing it. Human bodies with all their wonder and beauty are only means of transport in this life provided for the individual so as to pass safely to the hereafter.

    Among the decrees and rules in Islam that are clearly stated in the Quran is the dress code for Muslim women (Hijab) which reflects the dignity and glory of their subsistence.

    As such when a Muslim woman dons a proper Islamic dress code, she not only emphasizes her nobility but assigns certain restrictions for herself and others to protect her God given beauty and personal blessings from being wasted for desires and have an active part in carrying out her responsibilities and duties in her social life.

    In other words women who willingly choose this kind of clothing define for others the way they can behave with them and preserve the sanctity of their families as they don’t allow others esp. males enjoy their outward attractions. In fact, these women prefer to participate in life within the framework of knowledge, wisdom, potentials, abilities, and their capabilities so that they can make a positive influence on social matters.

    When in various communities such dress code is in use accompanied with these kinds of thoughts and supported by the rest of good Islamic traits and conduct then it will render them strong, respectful and capable persons who can achieve great accomplishments in doing their duties and fulfilling responsibilities in the family and society positively and effectively.

    Therefore, since Hijab is an Islamic law and Muslim women have to abide by it; this dress code is definitely a symbol and ensign of Islamic thought and religion. Accordingly, women who appear wearing Hijab in non-Muslim countries and communities can concurrently be considered propagators of the Islamic school of thought.

    It is widely known today that Islam is the sole dynamic and lively thought that is appealing to those appalled with the greed, hostility and conflict arousing superpowers namely America and its allies.

    That’s why American politicians have plotted the scenario of Sep. 11 to justify the lootings, killings and occupation of Muslim countries on one hand and provide grounds for anti-terrorism policy and threaten the peace of mind of Muslim citizens of Western countries and oppress them on the other. For this reason women donning Hijab being most important in spread outing Islamic thought in Western communities are confronted with attacks, predicaments, and humiliations.

    The brutal attack on Marwa al-Sherbini in a public court room in Dresden by a convicted person in the presence of police, Judiciary body and in front of her husband and child is a clear example and indication of racial behavior facing Muslim veiled women.

    Alongside this policy, the media is completely joining the warfare against Islam by providing wrong information about Islam specifically in relation to the status of women which is the main policy in their propaganda which lead people of the West to associate Islam with oppression against women.

    In addition to the previous years, most of the Western and freedom and human rights supporting countries have issued regulations banning Hijab depriving them from the slightest privileges of a citizen such as: education, work, defending their rights in court, use of public services like transport, health clinics, parks, libraries and else. They are pressed to make a choice between abiding by Islamic creeds and non-conservative social presence where religion is thrust aside.

    Obviously so much hassle against Hijab and mischief and harm surrounding Muslim citizens is not just an attack on one creed or Islamic symbol or a Muslim individual but a struggle against Islam itself and a sign of Islamophobia. When in fact Muslims in Western countries are amongst the most respected, intellectual and disciplined people of the community.

    Even though some Muslim countries have been occupied for different reasons and are facing outcomes of warfare and looting by Western countries namely America, history hasn’t for centuries witnessed any greed of Muslim countries toward Western Lands as to militarily invade them. This means that Islamophobia and aggression against Islam has no grounds in Islamic teachings and culture but they originate from their extreme greed for dominion and invasion. Being unable to question the strong logic and superior culture of Islam, they follow undemocratic and cruel methods to settle differences of opinion instead of dialog and logical discussion.

    Still with so much intimidation, wise Muslim women with deep insight donning Hijab are trying hard to preserve their Islamic beliefs and values as well as expand their knowledge and participate in the society while observing their moral virtues and manners in addition to influencing communities with their strength of personality and good deeds.

  12. zahraa

    hijabi lover all the way!!!!

  13. Zakia Farheen

    hijab is that gift by Allah to his obedient slaves be it men or women which allows them to lead respectable lives free of guilt or ugliness. Hijab is modesty & modesty is the sign of a devout muslim -men or women.Sad is the fact that the major enemies of hijab today are not just the non-muslims but the muslims themselves who fail to realise its importance.I pray to God to make me live my life with the application of hijab-both inside & on the outside & die with it. I pray to God that other sisters realise its importance & I congragulate all those women who practise hijab appropriately bec in the I know how difficult it is in the present conditions of the society.

  14. Fatima

    bcz it empowers me.

  15. Myfanwy

    because it means that whether I am at work, uni or generally out in public, I am being judged only by my thoughts and opinions and not by my physical appearance. It also reminds me that God is omnipresent and to be mindful of my actions. I became muslim almost four years ago and was wearing hijab for six months before that because I had already seen the benefits of it. It has always been 100% my choice. I appreciate that in Australia we have the choice to cover or not and feel that countries which force women to cover are going against ideology of Islam.

  16. rukheanjum

    bcoz i feel too much secure in it it seems that there is some type of gaurd around me who is protecting me from the ugli eyes no one can harm me i adopted it with my own choice niether anyone forced me nor directed

  17. fatima shakir

    even though when i first started wearing it, it just wasnt used to it…. but after 2 or 3 weeks, i loved it so much, i feel so secure and respected with it,and most imporatant i feel like i am doing the most important thing… following Allah’s (swt) will…

  18. Irum

    i feel a sense of unimaginable freedom and not someone to be stared at all the time. im not a slave to the world anymore. i love it!

  19. Fatimah

    Love Hijab coz love Allah SWT and love to follow HIS WISE orders… I can see how vulnerable the non hijabis or the bad-hijabis are… and so hopefully insha Allah will never leave wearing my hijab…

  20. Suhaila

    will all my heart!


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