Let the world know “Hijab is loved not forced”

Hijab is not the sign of being orthodox but is a sign of chastity.

  1. Kahkashan Iqbal

    100% Hijab is symbol of my faith. Its an order of my LOrd. Definitely i have to show my loyalties to my Master!

  2. Raziqueh

    I’ve published my views. Have a look…

  3. Renee

    I wear my hijab to show the world my love and respect of GOD. “modest” dress in my culture can simply be a tank top and short-shorts, so in wearing long sleeves and covering my hair/legs I make a statement: I am not secular. I do not live only for the pleasures of this world. I am a believer and lover of Allah swt.

  4. hajjah

    Oh Yes! I love my hijab and support it 100%. See, Allah is our creator and if He wants us to cover ourselves, who are we to question it, whether it be 570AD or 2010. He knows what is best for us, and truly, I believe it is best for us. I mean, if we look around, we seem women being abused and used all over. Women have become a commodity in the western world, and sadly enough the women seem to play along and make themselves available to all. My hijab tells me that I’m someone special, and that I am an individual who has a brain and who should be respected for who I am. I love my hijab, and I wish everyone in this world would wear hijab. I’m sure everyone will love it!

  5. Amira Alsareinye

    Salaam ALaykum, Peace be upon you all.
    Hijab was something that I had struggled with at first, I was afriad of what people would tell me, how they would look at me, how I would be treated. But With the help of Allah and some very special sisters of mine I was able to put on the hijab that I love so much. I knew that this was wajib- incumbent, on us for a number of reasons. Hijab has never oppressed me, only liberated. My hijab prevents me from being looked at only by my outer features, and forces people to look deeper than that.Hijab makes people judge me off of my intellegence and character, rather than my body. Hijab is my protection, my solution to many problems, and hijab is my love.

  6. Sadia

    I wear hijaab because i love it and feel secured and respected by others…it is not forced on me!!

  7. Sadat Ronak

    I feel safe:) <3 Hijab

  8. Iram Shah

    I totally agree with the comments above!

  9. zehra abbas

    yes i definitly do, not because we have been wearing it for years now but because it is the symbol of a womans piety, respect protection and love of God, it’s not imposed on anybody(as some people think) it should be instilled by one’s own understanding and desire, and once instilled should be respected and protected. It should be looked as a dignified protection rather than a nusiance and hurdle. Hope through this website more people would start to think positively about it.

  10. mehwish

    i love hijab because MY GOD LOves it…wat makes HIM happy makes me happy…

  11. Sarah Saqeb

    Contrary to western opinions, I beleive that Hijab liberates women as it allows us to be viewed and treated respectfully by others.

  12. Hira

    the Hijaab helps me to protect myself. May Allah help all the girls (including myself) to strengthen our faith and cover ourselves properly.ameen!

  13. rubab

    i feel protected….i also agree with rida’suggestion and hira’ comments

  14. farwah

    so that i can save ma islam

  15. rida zahra

    i respect those who cover themselves properly ,i love hijab
    i have a suggestion if u want the world to aknowledge this ..make a page on Facebook…also there should be options to delete a comment and last but not the least there should b a suggestion corner.may Allah bless u all

  16. Hira Raza

    Whether it is hijab, niqaab or purdah – it is good if observed with sanctity and purity of heart
    and soul.

    Regretably, from personal observance, I found many especially in the Western countries do
    so more as a protest or a fashion. Head is fully covered but the body curves are visible -
    so save me God Almighty from the evil of the hypocrites.

    At the same time, I pray for the courage of the honest ladies observing hijab for the purpose
    it is meant for – Good Luck with your site.

  17. mona

    i wear hijab for ALLAH it has so many advantages… one of them is that i dont have to worry how my hair looks ..i save cost on the hair products and my hair is safe from those hot irons :)

  18. Kaneez-E-Sayyeda

    because it is a symbol of strength for me

  19. Nimra S.

    i love hijab because i feel the more I cover myself, the more I will be loved by Allah.it is a command of ALlah and I am proud to obey Him!

  20. Vsh Fatima

    Nice girls are with Hijaab. – Prophet Muhammad (saww)
    I love hijab


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